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Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies (2020)

Are you looking for digital marketing companies to help you grow your business and reach more customers? Well, no need to look any further as you have come to the right place.

We have scoured the depths of the internet to bring to you a list of the top digital marketing companies in the market. 

But before we get started, let’s get a clear understanding on what type of services do digital marketing companies provide, and how you can select the best digital marketing company that is right for you and your business.

What is a Digital Marketing Company? What Type Of Services Do They Provide?

A digital marketing company uses the internet or digital media to promote and market your business to potential customers. 

In contrast to traditional marketing methods known for their “spray and pray” methods, digital marketing companies are known for their data-driven targeted brand promotion that delivers results in real-time.

There are basically experts in digital marketing. But with that being said, what is digital marketing?

Well, “digital marketing” is an umbrella term which combines all services and techniques for promoting a brand or name using the internet. The services include things like:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Lead Generations Services

Depending on your type of business and the type of results you are looking for, you will need any of these digital marketing services, or a combination of them. A digital marketing company will help you realize the best strategies for growing your business and then implement them.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

The company with the best reputation in the market doesn’t automatically guarantee the highest ROI with their implemented digital marketing campaigns. 

You need to make sure that the people you are hiring understand your company, its vision, as well as your target audience so that they can fine-tune the campaign for maximum outreach and conversion rates.

Look At The Company’s Work History and Portfolio

While researching the perfect digital marketing company, you should give special consideration to those who have prior experience working on similar projects and other companies that are in your field.

If they were able to produce results for your contemporaries, it is likely they have access to a tried and tested formula which should work for you as well.

Research The Company’s Communication Channels

It is also important to note the company’s various communication channels and relationships on the internet. This will help you evaluate the vast routes through which they can start promoting your product or service.

This includes breakdown and analyzing their online presence, starting from their level of authority in social networking channels, the various blogs and websites they are tied to, and so on.

Talk With Them About The Strategies They Will Be Implementing In The Marketing Campaigns

The way the marketing campaigns are handled will put an impact on your company’s overall image and public perception. As such, you need to sit with the digital marketing company and talk with them how they are going to go forward with the campaign.

This includes asking what platforms they will be using, how they will target your audience, and so on.

Meet The Team of Marketers Who Will Be Working On Your Campaign

During the initial phase, try to make sure that you get an audience with the team members overlooking your campaign. You should ensure that they have a proper understanding of your company so that they can flesh it out properly through the marketing campaigns.

Consider The Prices Charged By The Company

Two different companies might quote two different prices (or maybe the identical prices) for their digital marketing services. Now, you might be tempted in going with the more affordable offering, or maybe with the higher-priced one thinking you will get premium service.

However, there is an objective way of handling this situation.

Look at the number of leads and conversions promised in both cases. Based on these figures, go with the digital marketing company that is giving you more value for your money.

Top 15+ Digital Marketing Companies

By now you should have a basic understanding of what to expect from a digital marketing agency and how to choose the right company to market and promote your brand.

So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the top 15+ digital marketing companies currently serving in the industry. 

This should help you fine-tune your search. Just remember to do your own research on these companies based on the mentioned criteria so you know if they are the best choice for marketing your brand or project.

IGW (Infographic World)

Company History: Infographic World or IGW was founded in 2009, and since then have become the industry leaders in data visualization and infographic design. 

They have worked with over 100 ‘Fortune 500’ companies to create compelling and engaging infographics for their businesses. Over the years, they have over 10,000 successful projects under their belt.

Now, apart from creating awesome and engaging infographics, IGW also provides Social Media Advertising and Video Marketing services. So, if you need to educate and inform your audience with statistics and easy to consume information, then IGW is an excellent digital marketing partner.

Area of Focus: Data Visualization, Social Media Advertising, and Video Marketing


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 14 Bond St, Suite 222, Great Neck, New York 11021, US

Ignite Visibility

Company History: Ignite Visibility is another well known digital marketing firm that specializes in expanding and growing your online presence. 

The company provides services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and even content creation for its clients. 

Also, if you don’t have an online presence, they can help you with web development and design services to build one from the ground up.

Area of Focus: SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 3770 Tansy St. Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121

Big Leap

Company History: Big Leap was founded back in 2008 and since then has helped hundreds of clients, find more clients and customers using the world wide web.

They specialize in SEO and online reputation management. 

This means that the company can optimize your website to increase the flow of organic traffic. And not just that, but they will also make sure that the public has a generally positive view of your company and your products/services.

Area of Focus: SEO and Digital PR


Physical Address: 525 S 850 E, Suite 2, Lehi, Utah 84043, US

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Company History: Founded back in 2005, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency will help you build, grow, and manage your online presence. 

Over the years, the company has made a name for themselves as one of the digital marketing service providers in the industry, enjoying a truly international level of exposure.

They will help you build a WordPress website, manage your social media accounts, and even help you run search engine marketing campaigns.

Area of Focus: Web Design, SEO, SMM, Content Writing, and Email Marketing.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 4600 Park Springs Blvd, Suite 100, Arlington, TX 76017

Disruptive Advertising

Company History: Disruptive Advertising came into the picture back in 2012 and has helped hundreds of clients grow and expand their business using the power of paid search advertising.

They are experts when it comes to running Facebook ads, Google ads, and Bing ads, and will help you create awesome search engine marketing campaigns that return exceptional ROI.

Area of Focus: Search Engine Marketing, Campaign Audits, and Site Testing and Optimization.


Contact Number: (877) 956-7510

Physical Address: 384 S 400 W #200, Lindon, Utah, 84042

SEO Brand

Company History: SEO Brand, as the name suggests, helps you optimize your website so that your potential customers and clients can find you organically through the search engines.

Founded back in 2006, the company, although provides SEO services at its core, has expanded over the years to become an all-in-one digital marketing provider for their clients.

Other notable services offered by the company include search engine marketing, website development, social media marketing, landing page optimization, online PR management, and much more.

Area of Focus: Search Engine Optimization


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 118 West 22nd Street, Floor 12, New York, NY 10011 (+3 more)

Direct Online Marketing

Company History: Direct Online Marketing was founded back in 2006 and since then has grown into one of the top 200 premier Google Partner digital marketing agencies in the market.

Over the years, the company has helped and formed solid relationships with companies spanning over 150 countries. Their understanding of clients coming from different parts of the world and belonging to different cultures also show how they can market your brand to a truly global audience.

The company can help you optimize your website for search engines. However, if you are looking for more rapid results, they can also help you develop a high ROI paid search marketing campaign.

Area of Focus: Paid Search Marketing, PPC, and SEO.


Contact Email: 

Physical Address: 4117 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224

3 Media Web

Company History: 3 Media Web was founded in 2001 to help businesses create and expand a true online presence.

The company offers web development and web design services and will help you create an awesome website that truly reflects your brand and speaks to your audience. Their designs and web development practises has also helped them win a number of prestigious awards.

And to top that off, they are well versed with all the latest digital marketing tactics to help you reach a larger userbase. 

Area of Focus: Web development and Digital Marketing


Contact Email:;

Physical Address: HQ at  7 Felton Street, Hudson, MA 01749

Tilt Metrics

Company History: Tilt Metrics is one of the big players in the digital marketing space working with clients like Google, Mojotech, Viant, and many more.

Their services are centred around helping you gain more exposure and improving your online presence.

The company has an expert team of SEO, SMM, and SEM experts that can help you bring in more traffic from all the popular channels.

Area of Focus: Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 56 Exchange Terrace #210 Providence, RI 02903 745 Atlantic Ave. Boston, MA 02111

Titan Growth

Company History: Titan Growth is a well known digital marketing company that can help you become more visible on search engines.

They have a team of SEO experts that can help you audit your website and then optimize it to rank higher on search engines. They can also help you create targeted search engine ads with a promise of high ROI on leads and conversion rates.

Area of Focus: SEO and SEM


Contact Number: (858) 432-7206

Physical Address: 10907 Technology Place, San Diego, CA 92127, US


Company History: Founded back in 2003, JumpFly has grown into one of the industry-leading digital marketing partners for clients looking for the best online advertising campaigns.

The company can help you create and manage killer campaigns for Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Verizon Media Ads, Amazon Ads, and even Facebook Ads. However, if you are looking to improve your organic traffic, then their team of SEO experts are also available to help you out.

Area of Focus: Advertisement Marketing.


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 2541 Technology Dr. #414, Elgin IL, 60124

Perfect Search Media

Company History: Perfect Search Media was founded back in 2010 and over the course of the past decade, has grown into one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies in Chicago.

They are a team of tech-savvy experts with a passion for SEO, Design, and Content. As such, they can help you design awesome websites boasting content optimized for search engines to reel in a huge influx of organic traffic.

However, they are most well known for their high ROI search engine marketing and social media marketing campaigns that can help generate more leads and also boost up your conversion rates.

Area of Focus: Social Media Ads and Search Engine Ads


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 12 E Ohio St., Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60611, US

Mediaforce Digital Marketing Agency

Company History: Mediaforce Digital Marketing Agency has been in the business since 1996, and is a veteran in the industry, always deploying the cutting edge technologies to help their clients and customers to market their business.

The company, with the power of scalable cloud-based AI, will help you with programmatic advertising, either on search engines or social media platforms. They can also help you with SEO in case you are looking for more organic traffic.

Area of Focus: SEO, Paid Searches, Social Media Ads, and Website Optimization.


Contact Number: 646-847-0019

Physical Address: 99 Hudson St. New York, New York, USA 10013 (+3 more)

GoTo Marketers Inc.

Company History: Since its inception back in 2012, GoTo Marketers has built a reputation as the “go-to” strategic partner for extending your reach and bandwidth using the latest marketing tactics.

The company can help you from building and expanding your online presence with ease. They have worked with brand new startups, as well as companies that were a little late to the digital race, but helped them create a brandable online presence in a relatively short period of time.

Starting from web design and development to helping you create successful marketing campaigns, GoTo Marketers has your back. They also use marketing automation to make sure you get the best rates for PPC ads.

Area of Focus: Marketing Automation, SEO, PPC, and Social Media Advertising


Contact Number: 800 921 5350

Physical Address: 2545 Erin Centre Blvd, #1003, design + awesome, Mississauga, ON L5M 6Z9, CA 

The Story Web Design & Marketing

Company History: The Story Web Design & Marketing is known for designing and implementing creative solutions to solve the modern world problems related to marketing and outreach.

Founded back in 2006, the company has grown a lot alongside their clients. They can help you understand and envision your brand goals and then reinforce that brand onto the world.

Their core services include brand strategy development, business coaching, and market planning to help you penetrate into the current saturated marketplace and make your stance. 

However, they can also help build your online presence with SEO and SEM services. 

Area of Focus: Marketing, Advertisement, Brand Strategy, and Business Coaching.


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 68 Pointe Circle, Suite 3101, Greenville, SC 29615

L7 Creative

Company History: L7 Creative is another veteran in the world of digital marketing. They have been in operation since 2001. Over nearly two decades, they have helped hundreds of companies conceive and realize their brand image.

They are known for applying proprietary methods to help you reinvent/grow your brand and connect with more audience. 

Area of Focus: Brand Development, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation


Contact Number: 760-931-0777

Physical Address: 5927 Balfour Court, Suite 104, Carlsbad, CA 92008


Company History: Since its foundation back in 2003, Gulo is primarily a web design company that has helped businesses create awesome websites.

However, with over a decade and a half working in the industry, the company has extended its services to content management and digital marketing, becoming an all-in-one solution to grow and sustain your online business.

Area of Focus: Content Management, Web Design, and Digital Marketing.


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 4256 N Ravenswood Ave. Suite 110 Chicago, IL 60613


So these were our picks for the top 15+ digital marketing companies on the market. Do let us know if you found the list to be useful and whether it helped you in finding the right company to work with and grow your business.

However, don’t forget to check the companies against the list of criteria to ensure you are going to have a positive experience with them.

With that being said, if you have already worked with any of the mentioned digital marketing agencies, then do share your insights in the comments below. It will help your fellow readers in their search for the best digital marketing agency.