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Top 25+ Software Development Companies (2020)

Are you searching for the best software development companies that can help you create the perfect software solution for your business? If so, then you have come to the right place.

We have put together a list of the 25+ best software development companies. But first, let’s get a basic understanding of what type of services you should expect from a software development company, and how you should pick/hire the ideal company to work on your project.

What is a Software Development Company? What Type of Services Do They Provide?

A software development company specializes in developing software for their clients/customers. But, with that being said, software is a vast umbrella term which includes anything and everything from Android and iOS apps, to web apps, and even creating custom enterprise-level software solutions.

So can you expect a software development company to deliver all these services? Well, yes, technically they can, but if they do, it means they don’t specialize in a particular area which can translate to bad quality products.

Generally, a good software development company has an area of focus. For example, they can be specialists in Android app development and will not take any projects related to blockchains, or desktop applications. But that being said, there are larger companies that have multiple teams to tackle a variety of projects.

Overall, here is a look at some of the services you can expect from a software development company:

  • Mobile App Development (Android and iOS)
  • Web App Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Social Media Apps
  • Full-Cycle Development of Custom Enterprise Solutions
  • UI/UX Development and Design
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Software Testing

Apart from these core services, you will also find many software developments that can assist you with deep technical insights, business intelligence and consultation. 

These services are provided to help you and the software development company to come to a mutual understanding of what is required from the application/software. Once that is established, they progress with creating the product.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Software Development Company

All of us have experience with buggy and slow software that isn’t able to do what you intend it to do. And if you are getting a custom-tailored software for your company, then just think about the security issues and vulnerabilities that might be present with a poorly made software/application.

As such, when you are hiring a software development company, you need to make sure they are worth their money. And to help you make the best decision here is a quick look at the main important details you should look out for when choosing a software development company:

What Is Their Area of Focus?

Each software development company is bound to have more experience and thus, developed expertise in a certain area of software development. As such, hire a company that specializes in the type of software solution you are looking for.

Do They Have Social Proof?

You can look at some social proof by asking one or more of their previous clients about their quality of work, both in terms of the product, and in terms of communication.

Did They Understand The Project?

The company is only going to be able to deliver the product you are looking for if you are able to successfully communicate what you want from this. As such, the first few sessions should be spent in making the developer team understand what you require of them.

Look At The Portfolio Of The Software Developer Team

The company you are working with might be a new startup, however, if the developer team consists of (or is led by) industry veterans, then you can rest assured that experts are handling your project.

Similarly, you might be working with a company with many years of experience in the field. However, they might have given your project to a junior team consisting of fresh graduates.

As such, make sure you are taking a look at the portfolio of the people who will be working on your project, and not just the development company.

How Will They Maintain Communication Throughout The Process of Building The App?

A software solution isn’t built overnight. It is going to be a long collaboration that might even span the course of a few months. During this time, you need to make sure proper communication is maintained so you know how the progress is coming along.

That way, if there are any issues in the software or the feature implementation, you can point it out ahead of time so that it gets resolved asap.

Are They In The Same Time Zone As You Are, Or Close?

Now to maintain proper communication, both parties need to be in the same time zone. For example, if you hire an offshore company located on the opposite side of the globe, then it is going to be extremely difficult maintaining communication. When you are working, the software company is sleeping and vice versa. 

Now, there are workarounds, but it is much preferable to work with a company that is in the same time zone, or at least close by. Just make sure there is a time where both companies’ working hours overlap, so you can schedule a time to arrange the meetings.

Top 25+ Software Development Companies

By now you should have a clear understanding of how to pick the perfect software development company for your project. However, to fine-tune your search, we have put together a list of some of the best software development companies in the market.

This should help you discover the best names in the trade, so you can get your work done by industry experts. Now with that being said, here are top 25+ software development companies:


Company History: AndPlus was founded back in 2009, and since then have helped hundreds of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, to develop and deploy high-quality software products.

The company is made up of an in-house team of 50 engineers comprising software developers and Ul/UX designers. They have built a name for themselves as one of the top mobile application developers in New England, working hard to create world-class applications for their clients.

Area of Focus: IoT, Mobile Applications and Web Applications.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 257 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA

RNF Technologies

Company History: RNF Technologies was founded in 2009 by Ex-Googlers and AOLers. Since then it has grown into one of the top software developer agencies in India. 

They can help you with world-class software products ranging from simple web apps, to more complex mobile applications for both Android and iOS. 

Not just that, but the company can also help you with marketing the software via social media channels or even through search engines using SEO and SEM.

Area of Focus: Web Apps, Android Apps, and iOS Apps.


Contact Email:

Physical Address: B-9A, Tower – B, Third Floor, Sector-62, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh 201301, IN


Company History: STRV entered the software development business back in 2009. 

In little over a decade, they have already served over 200 clients creating over 400 applications for both Android and iOS. The company holds over 20 design awards, including the financial times top 1000 and Deloitte Fast 50.

You can completely rely on STRV to deliver world-class applications that are going to win the hearts of your users.

Area of Focus: Mobile Apps, Websites, and Backend Infrastructure


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 31 1/2 18th Ave, Venice, CA 90291 (+4 more)

Isadora Agency

Company History: Isadora Agency is a leader in business digital transformation. 

The company came into the picture back in 2009 and has helped their clients create well optimized, visually stunning websites, that are fine-tuned to implement the best user experience.

A team of experts in marketing, brand strategizing, user experience designers, and yes – web developers, are here to help you create not just a software, but an experience for your user base.

Area of Focus: Web Design and Web Experience.


Contact Email: 

Physical Address: 1600 Rosecrans Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Company History: UruIT was founded in 2007. Over the years, they have worked with a diverse client base, starting from new startups to the top Fortune 500 enterprises. Their team has helped develop and deploy over 200 designs, and the number is going up by the day.

Working with the company, they can help you to create websites as well as web applications. Their team is also well versed in Machine Learning and can help you develop ML applications to make you ready for the future.

Area of Focus: Web apps, Front-end Web Development, and Machine Learning.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 925 N La Brea Ave, 4th Floor, 90038. Los Angeles, California (+ 3 more)


Company History: SoftTeco was founded in 2008 and has grown into a massive software development company. Since its inception, they have helped hundreds of clients develop custom software solutions for various platforms.

They consist of an expert team of highly skilled software developers that can help you build anything from simple web applications to mobile apps, IoT applications, and much more. They can even help you implement AI and Machine Learning in your projects.

Back in 2012, the company took part in a competition and was declared the “best IT company to work for in Belarus.”

Area of Focus: Java Development, Open-Source Solutions, Mobile Apps, AI Developers, and IoT.


Contact Email:;

Physical Address: Dziaržynskaha, 104, Minsk, Minsk Province 220116, BY


Company History: DockYard was founded back in 2010 and for a decade has been helping companies by creating exceptional software that is functional, intuitive, and engaging.

They have worked with many of the big names currently in the market, starting from Netflix and Apple, to Nasdaq, McGraw-Hill, Harvard, Zipcar, and many more. Their software solutions are focused on stability, maintainability, and scalability.

The company can help you create excellent UX for your software whether it be a website or mobile application. Apart from that, the company also provides QA testing, project management, training, and staff augmentation to its client base.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Mobile App Development.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 18 Shipyard Dr, Hingham, Massachusetts 02043, US


Company History: Since its inception back in 2006, Polcode has worked with over 800 clients helping them with over 1300 projects. The company has also developed over 100 open-source technologies in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, React, VueJS, Angular, and Magento.

They are experts when it comes to web development and web designing, helping clients build functional websites that engage users, and increase lead generation and conversion rates.

You can expect an excellent working relationship with Polcode which shows from their 5-star rating on Clutch and the 100% job success rate on Upwork.

Area of Focus: Web Development


Contact Email:;;

Physical Address: Grójecka street 1/3, 02-019 Warsaw, NIP: 701 044 06 90

Spiral Scout

Company History: Spiral Scout has been in the business since 2011 and has delivered custom software solutions which includes design, development, and marketing for their diverse client base.

The company is known for developing high-quality eCommerce websites, e-learning software, education games, and so on. Other than this, they can also help you with structuring large amounts of data, creating CMS (Content Management Systems) and much more.

They also have experience developing mobile applications for both platforms – Android and iOS. However, their portfolio in this department is rather limited.

Area of Focus: Web Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 460 31st Avenue, San Francisco, California, 94121

3 Media Web

Company History: 3 Media Web is an award-winning web designing company that can help you develop stunning websites, implementing the latest UI/UX designs to woo your audience.

The company comprises a team of experts, highly skilled in web development as well as digital marketing. So not only will they help you create awesome websites, but you can also hire them to help you expand your online presence.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Digital Marketing


Contact Email:;

Physical Address: HQ at  7 Felton Street, Hudson, MA 01749


Company History: Miquido has been working in the industry for almost a decade (founded in 2011), and since then has helped develop over 100 digital products for a diverse range of clients.

Their software is used by big names in the music and video streaming industries, eCommerce, Fintech, and many more. 

The company is mostly known for its Android app development service and was recently named the Top 2018 Mobile App Development Company in the UK.

Area of Focus: Mobile Applications


Contact Email:;;

Physical Address: ul. Zabłocie 43a, Krakow, Małopolska 30-701, PL (+2 more)


Company History: Designli entered the market in around 2013 and has created a name for themselves with their awesome software products, blended with quality graphics and intuitive user experience.

They specialize in creating custom mobile apps for both Android and iOS, including mobile web-apps which work as a multi-platform solution.

Area of Focus: App Development and Web Development.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 101 N Main St, Suite 314, Greenville, South Carolina 29601, US

Urban Insight

Company History: Urban Insight was founded in 2000 and since then has helped companies build and manage easy to use websites using content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and so on.

Back in 2015, Clutch acknowledged the company as a market leader in web development and ranked them in the top 5 percentile of IT firms in California.

Area of Focus: Web Development


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 3530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1285, Los Angeles, CA 90010

Galaxy Weblinks

Company History: Galaxy Weblinks was founded in 2000 and since then has helped clients by creating and managing eCommerce platforms. 

Not just that, but they also help them get a competitive footing in the market by helping with e-strategy development, rapid deployment of strategies, and continuous management.

Over the span of two decades, the company has worked with a diverse array of small to medium-sized companies.

The way the company helps its clients is by helping them merge their traditional strengths with cutting edge innovation to help them create a commendable online presence.

Area of Focus: Full-Stack Developer, Mobile App Development, and UX Design Solutions.


Contact Page:

Physical Address: Galaxy Weblinks, 307 Bansi Trade Center, Indore, MP, India 452001 (+4 more)

RoleModel Software

Company History: RoleModel Software is a veteran in the Software Development industry, being in the business since 1997. 

They help their clients by creating unique custom software solutions that always come with the extra “secret sauce” to give them a competitive edge over their contemporaries.

The company helps with prototyping and concept development so that both the developers as well as the client has a practical understanding of the project before it is developed.

Their unique way of doing business has landed them high profile clients that range from new startups to the biggest Fortune 5 organizations in healthcare.

Area of Focus: Mobile App, Web App, and Prototyping and Concept Development.


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 190 Rosewood Centre Drive, Suite 201, Holly Springs, NC 27540


Company History: Brainhub popped up back in 2014 and quickly grew into the #1 software development partner for emerging companies. The company has a talented team of over 58 experts that can help you design, build, and scale epic mobile applications as well as web apps and even desktop apps.

Over the course of the last 6 years, they have completed hundreds of projects and won tons of awards including Awwwards: Honorable Mention, ComputerWorld: Top200 IT Companies in Poland 2019, and many more.

Their client base consists of popular names like National Geographic, Beam, Paradox Interactive, and many more.

Area of Focus: Mobile App Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: Brainhub Sp. z o.o. [HQ], Górnych Wałów 26, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland (+2 more)

Attract Group

Company History: Attract Group was founded in 2011 and since then has helped SME companies to go digital with websites and mobile applications. 

Over the years, they have also garnered experience with many startups by helping them with smooth and fast software deployment.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Mobile Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: Odessa, Ukraine, 24, Chernomorskogo Kazachestva


Company History: Founded in 2013, Axisbits offers custom web design and web development to businesses requiring solutions for their SaaS or web application.

If you need a quick custom-built website, then the company can use popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to work on your project. Otherwise, their web dev team can help you develop the web solution from the ground up using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Web Design.


Contact Email:

Physical Address: Kharkiv, Ukraine

BMG Media Co.

Company History: BMG Media Co. popped up during the recession that plagued 2009 to help local networks and businesses build an online presence and go digital.

Since its inception, the company has worked with over 600 clients and helped them build websites with the latest design trends and awesome user experience to promote usability and engagement.

Other than this, the company can also help you create unique eCommerce solutions as well as mobile applications depending on your needs and requirements.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Web Design


Contact Number: 248-406-2050

Physical Address: 975 E Maple Rd, Birmingham, Michigan 48009, US

GoingClear Interactive

Company History: GoingClear was founded back in 2001 and since then has helped clients build their online presence with their complete web development services.

The company offers a complete suite of web design and web development services. This includes anything and everything starting from web app development, landing page design, inbound marketing, digital strategy, brand development, content marketing, and much more.

Their process involves first coming to a mutual understanding of what results are wanted and what technology is required to achieve that. After this, they will help companies design, develop, and deploy that software solution with clear result-driven strategies and tactics.

Area of Focus: Web Development


Contact Number: (617) 649-7200

Physical Address: 175 McClellan Highway, Boston, MA 02128, US

DCSL Software

Company History: DCSL Software is one of the oldest software development companies on the list. It was founded back in 1994, and since then has grown into the #1 software development company in the UK, as voted by Clutch.

The company has won many awards other than that and boasts an even expansive portfolio working with big names such as Abbott., Person, Systech International, Holland, Opia, Mitsubishi, and many more.

Their team of 100+ in-house expert software devs are the perfect people to help you develop operational system software to reinvent and streamline your company from the inside out.

Area of Focus: Business Application Development and Systems Integration.


Contact Number: 01252 235422; 020 3096 6199

Physical Address: Victoria House, 50-58 Victoria Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7PG


Company History: EIGHT25MEDIA is a silicon-valley-based full-service digital agency that can help you realize, create, and grow an online presence.

Since it was founded back in 2006, the company has helped hundreds of businesses with building websites and mobile applications. They even offer digital marketing services to expand their client’s footprint on the world wide web.

Some of the notable clients they have worked with include Baird, Heineken, SoftBank, Space Systems Loral, and many more.

Area of Focus: Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Digital Marketing


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 2055 Gateway Pl, 500, San Jose, California 95110, US


Company History: WebFX is primarily a digital marketing company, but they can help you with web design and web development services.

They have been in the business since 1996 and consist of a huge team of subject matter experts. 

If you are already considering getting digital marketing services to promote your business after building your website, then it makes perfect sense to hire WebFX and get both the services in a package.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Digital Marketing


Contact Page:

Physical Address: 1705 N Front St, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17102, US


Company History: Studio~humm popped up around 2017, and over the course of a couple of years, have built a commendable reputation in terms of web design and web development.

The company consists of a team of designers, strategists, and developers that can not only help you build a solid website but also come online with a bang.

It is worth considering that at its core, Studio~humm is a digital marketing agency that can help you build a solid digital strategy to penetrate into saturated markets. However, apart from simple theorizing, the team will also help you achieve those goals with their awesome custom developed websites.

Area of Focus: Web Design and Web Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: Hagenauer Straße 10, Berlin, Berlin 10435, DE

Essential Designs

Company History: Essential Designs, as you can guess by the name, is a designing company at its core. Since its inception back in 2001, it has helped hundreds of clients research, engineer, and design products that have helped them to disrupt the market.

In terms of software development, the company can help you better your customer experience by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, in web design, IoT, app development, and much more.

Area of Focus: Graphic Design and Engineering Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: 143 South Street 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02111


Company History: Adchitects is another new web development company on the block, that was founded in 2016. In the past couple of years, they have helped a bunch of companies by developing and deploying innovative software solutions to expand their digital presence.

The company can help you create fully-featured custom websites boasting the latest UI/UX trends to bring you the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Area of Focus: Web Design and Front-End Development


Contact Email: 

Physical Address: Ratajczaka 25/9, Poznań, wielkopolskie 61-814, PL

Startup Development House

Company History: Startup Development House is a recent player in the software development industry. It was founded back in 2015 and since has amassed a large team of 60 highly skilled developers, working to solve problems of a truly global client base.

Starting from ideation to prototyping, UI/UX design, and the actual software development, the company has developed a streamlined workflow that manages to produce efficient solutions as fast as possible.

Area of Focus: Web Development and Mobile App Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: Al. Niepodległości 124/23 floor 7, Warsaw 02-577, Poland


Company History: S-PRO was founded back in 2014 and has since then, developed a name for itself as a reputed full-cycle software development company. They can help you realize a simple product idea, starting from its inception up until the project is ready to hit the market.

The company specializes in mobile development and web app development. However, they can also build you custom solutions for blockchain, AI, and even help you implement company automation.

Area of Focus: Mobile Development and Web App Development


Contact Email:

Physical Address: Heroiv Stalinhrada Avenue, Kyiv, Kyiv city 02000, UA


So this was our list of the top 25+ software development companies in the industry. We hope you found the list to be useful and that it helped you in finding the perfect software development company according to your needs and requirements.

Remember, don’t just go with a development company that has the most name in the market. You need to consider if they have done any work in your particular niche, and whether or not they fit into your company’s allocated budget. 

It is also important to check if they understand your company and the scope of the product that you are trying to get developed. However, to do this, you will need to contact the company and engage in a short discussion to know if this collaboration is going to yield a productive outcome.